Tuesday, October 8, 2013

50 Days

The first 50 days of the school year have come...and gone. My young Lego engineers, when they aren't constructing another high-tech speedboat or police SUV, are almost done with their Letter-of-the-Week. We are now on X. They are getting excited to move on to numbers!
Speaking of letters, Asia is getting downright handy with a pencil. She is learning to write thank-you letters, postcards, and the occasional I-love-you note to mom or dad.
Skye is loving her time in school. She is learning how to combine shapes, make her letters, and also count pretty well.
And, as we continue to discover more about our kids learning styles, we are finding that this is Skye's preferred location to do just about all of her schoolwork. Hmm....

It's been a great first fifty days! Busy, crazy, and lots more art, music, and ancient history have been added to the homeschool mix. 

Their history timeline is getting downright crowded. This last week they added the Chinese T'ang Dynasty, Vivaldi, and Jackson Pollock. They were quite excited to see how close Pollock is on the timeline to their grandparents. (sorry mom and dad and dear father and mother-in-law :)

And, when Asia informed her dad today that "a stomata is the mouth that a leaf has and it's called that because stomata means mouth in Greek,"  we know that they're not just having fun. They are learning, and they're learning to love learning. Here's to the next 50 days of discovery!

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