Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Package

Every once in a while, our day gets a little slice of heaven added to the insanity of our lives.

It's called: A Package.

Over the years here, the kids have learned that wonderful and exciting treasures come in little (and sometimes not-so-little) boxes from abroad. Both sets of grandparents back in the US have been especially good with the packages over the last four years--and it makes us feel just a little closer to America and our families.

This last week, we got one of those tiny packages that just seriously makes your day, and the day of all four little munchkins who currently reside at our house.

It had something for everyone:

Brooke got new America's Test Kitchen magazines---and one of them just happened to focus on a certain aspect of cuisine that she was wanting to try more often. (Have I ever mentioned that it's good to live with a chef for a wife?)
Skye got a Lalaloopsy horse--named Teabiscuit :) She was ecstatic, and the name made mommy and daddy laugh.
The boys got little GI Joe type figures, and they have spent the last few days alternately saving and destroying the world together with a little help from their trusty plastic pirate ship.
Asia, our budding reader, got three books that made her almost jump through the ceiling with joy. She is a very exuberant type when it comes to new books. And especially finishing new books. She exploded into our room at 8 PM last night, yelling, "I finished my chapter book!!" Yeah, she reads about a chapter book a day now, yesterday she read two, and she was quite excited to let us know.
And, daddy was not forgotten. I got sweet new Runner's World magazines. Just what I wanted. The hilarious part when I looked at them was...I got the September issue and it's still September! I think that's the first time in four years that I remember reading an American magazine in the same month that it was supposed to be read in.'s the little things...

That was The Package.

 Reading material, little toys and love--- Priceless.

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