Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sucked into the Abyss

So, you know how sometimes your day doesn't go as planned...well, let's just say my month didn't go as planned.  haha  I had all sorts of plans for August...and apparently, God had different plans for me.  :)  I kind of feel like I fell off the face of the Earth or got sucked into the Great Abyss that is my house the past month.

The month began quite normally...We started back to school on July 29th.
We're studying Ancient History...and all 4 of the kids are really enjoying it...  Everyone keeps asking which Pharaoh or king is next. But the calm of studying Ancient History this last month soon became ancient history...

Yup, at this point, everything still looked pretty normal. Keeping these three occupied while we "school" was my greatest challenge.  :)
Yup...normalcy. But don't let the idyllic reading scene fool is the calm before the storm. During the calm, we started our unit on botany... And Asia has become quite the reader!!
Actually, School (overall) is going awesome!!!  Praise the Lord!
Skye started ballet.  It's really amazing how flexible she is.  I wasn't sure about starting her sooo young...but she is doing quite well.
Skye turned 3.

Everything was going well...At least, as much like clockwork as is possible with four kids between 3 and 6 around.

And then, it struck. The stomach flu hit our house...  Brian got it first.  Then, a few days later Leif got it...then, a few days later the other 3 came down with it...  I was the only one that escaped.  :) We had a house full of unhappy campers.  Needless to plans kind of went out the window when I had to take care of all the stuff that Brian normally does, all my stuff and take care of all the sickies.  It was a long stomach flu that just seemed to keep hanging on...and I got seriously behind. Hence...blogging went out the window.  Now, two weeks later...I feel like I'm still trying to catch up on life.
A little stomach flu didn't stop Asia from reading...just kept a bowl handy...and a cup to keep up the fluid intake. ha
They ate lots of yogurt and drank lots of Yakult in an attempt to right their stomachs. All tummies seem to be on the mend...yay for probiotics.
Through it all Brian kept working hard on curriculum development, etc...   Trying to have everything ready to go before we go on home-assignment.  His concentration amazes me...
Finally, the sickies got better . End of the Abyss? Nope. Soon after everyone else recovered...I hurt my knee doing a little muay thai sparring.  I know...I know...what is a woman my age doing trying to spar.  haha IT WAS SOOOO WORTH IT.  I really love muay favorite sport that I have ever, ever tried!  Unfortunately, a few years after 30 and 4 knees can't really keep up.  ha.  So, I've been hobbling around for about 1 1/2 weeks, and making the husband do anything that involves heavy lifting, stairs, or standing a lot. I'm not sure if I tore something...tried to go to the Doctor....but there was only an Internal Specialist available...and she wasn't really going to help my knee. ha.  Now, Brian is busy for the next 2 weeks...and I won't be able to go to the Doctor until after that.  

Anyway...there you have it folks...all my excuses to why I haven't been blogging.  ha!  
I know you guys are all dying to hear the results of the name the school contest...  And I think we're close to a decision...  Brian & I haven't had too many conversations lately that haven't been about our work with the new missionaries or the fantastic 4.  ha.  Anyway...hoping to make the final decision on that soon.  Sorry for the delay.

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