Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our Budding Bookworm

At 8 PM last night, our 6-year old daughter bounded into our bedroom and exclaimed, "I finished my book!" That was her second chapter book of the day.

It's official. Our daughter is definitely ours.

Already, she is showing the telltale signs of bookworminess. When I call her, if she is reading a book, it can take three times to get a response, and it's not because she's trying to ignore me. She's so engrossed in her book that she's, well....she's acting like her father does when he reads a book. (that would be me.)
When she started her first chapter book, We made a "Bookworm" for her. For each chapter book she reads, she gets a new worm segment. And, after she read her first five books, she got a pizza party.

It took a quite a while to get to the pizza party.

And then, after the first five, she suddenly started devouring books daily. She has turned into a flashlight-on-to-read-in-bed-after-litttle-sister-is-asleep kind of person already. When I tucked her in a few minutes ago, she was getting her flashlight ready so she could keep on reading "Misty of Chincoteague" after the lights went out.

At first, the goal of the pizza party was very important to her-- and when she had it she was really excited. Thankfully we specified that the first pizza party was for five books, and the next one was for after she read another 10 books--- and then another 15 after's a good thing, because she is now going through one or two books a day.

Having the bookworm was a great initial incentive, and is also a great way for us to keep track of what books she has read.

Now, she rarely mentions the pizza party or any other kind of reward, because she is figuring out that reading is definitely its own reward!

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Granma Tiegs said...

Asia, you are a great-granddaughter after your great-grandma's heart. :>) I have always and still do love to read. My mom said if she couldn't see me she knew I was somewhere reading a book. I liked to sit up in a tree with my book. When we moved to the farm I would take my book with me to the outhouse. lol I know you will always enjoy reading. It takes you so many places, you meet so many different people and have so many adventures and fun. You learn so many things, too.