Thursday, September 12, 2013

A "Real" Mom

So, this past year has been the first time since we moved to the Philippines that I have felt like a normal, "real" Mom...and I have been loving it.  For the previous 3+ years Brian & I were doing full time language study...that didn't really provide us with a lot of time to do much more than the basic requirements of caring for the kiddos. We raised them and loved them and changed their diapers, but it seemed like half the time we were listening to a foreign language recording with one ear and trying to listen to our kids with the other.

We're still really busy, but compared to before, our life almost seems sane. The kids and I have been taking advantage of some good weather and have been able to do some fun things lately.

We live really close to the Capitol buildings for our province...There is a large field that the kids love to play on and a nice walking path.
On the walking path we met a man selling fresh honey out of a bucket...It must have been pretty fresh, since the bees & beehive were on top of his bucket.
We get to meet all sorts of people...
The kids love going to this overlook of the Tree Park...On this day we were able to see a bunch of seeds from fire trees floating through the air...which was pretty cool since we had been studying seeds in school.
We had a special outing to my friends tea's actually fun to bring the kiddos out now as they have really learned to behave quite well...most of the time...
There has been a spell of beautiful weather...which is very unusual for this time of year, since we are in Rainy Season. So we took advantage of it...and have spent loads of time outside.
All 4 can still fit in one plangana...
On rainy days...the kids enjoy some music time...and putting on shows for me...  Though I have to admit the percussion and flute/whistle section makes me a bit twitchy...hahaha  The kids love it sooo much!
We've had a lot of brown outs(power outages) lately...but we still find ways of amusing ourselves.  :)
I even enjoyed taking my kiddos to the store all by myself...I know that sounds ridiculous...but it was the first time I have ever done that...You see---for the first three years here we didn't have a vehicle, so we rarely took the kids out while shopping. Now, we finally have a vehicle, but  the kids are only now old enough for one of us to take them places. Before, we really needed one of us to hold them as we drove somewhere. (We do not live in a land where car seats for kids are common...they're almost unknown.) So now that they're a bit older...going grocery shopping with the kiddos is not only possible, it's actually fun!
The kiddos were sooo well behaved that I got them each a donut pop for a treat...all 4 cost me less than 50 cents.  :)

If the sun is shining...we spend as much time as possible outdoors...if it's too hot to play...they sit in the shade and draw pictures.
All 4 kiddos have been helping me with some cooking/'s a little chaotic...but I wouldn't trade it for the world. And it's amazing how much more interested they are in trying different foods when they had a hand in the preparation.
I am loving this new stage in my life...of being a "real" mom...where I have a lot more time for my crazy kiddos.

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Gran'ma said...

We enjoyed this so much, Brooke, all you had to say and the pictures. You will always treasure the memories of these days and they will, too, in years to come. You two are doing a great job with the kids along with your ministry. We know God is blessing as you're doing it as unto Him, for His glory. Love you all.