Friday, August 9, 2013

The Name Our School Contest

So, with all the excitement of curriculum, books, math skills and starting Ancient History and Botany for a 1st grader, PreK twins and a preschooler, we haven't come up with an essential piece of our homeschool puzzle.

That's right. We're talking about a Name. Now, Johnson Homeschool works. Its short, to the point, and logical, but also extremely boring.(And Brooke says totally LAME!)

We need a name that says Harvard at heart, but international in outlook. Something like Oxford, but maybe more moderny too. Sort of like Ivy League meets Silicon Valley with a dash of the International Relations program at Georgetown University.
The teacher and her Students
 We need ideas.

 We need them now.

Which is why we're having our first Blog giveaway contest.

If you have ideas, we have an empty nameplate, waiting to be filled.

We've thought of Spartan Academy(Brooke's Choice), Currahee International School, even Stalag 13 International Diplomacy and Escape School(Brian's Choice).

But somehow we're still lacking something.

So, send us your idea in the comment section of this post, or Facebook or email us and you're entered. You can enter as often as you like, and you have the chance for a sweet prize. If you're one of our top three choices, we'll contact you and send the prize your way.

Contest Deadline: Friday, August 23rd

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