Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Littlest Ballerina

Well, next week our Skye girl turns three years old, so today, she had her first ballet lesson. She was thrilled from the top of her ballerina hair bun to the bottom of her tiny new pink shoes!
That hair is still a little short for a bun, but mommy can work wonders with some braids, a rubber band and a bow.
And, she carried her ballet bag, with essentials like her sippy cup and of course a snack. Staying well hydrated and replenishing your depleted glycogen stores is essential for any prima ballerina.
In all honesty, we had no idea how she would do. When she puts her mind to something, she can choose to do almost anything. But that works both ways. When she decides she doesn't want to do something....she is 23 pounds of pure determination.
But, she did amazing! She started learning the five positions, and did a great job pointing her toes.
And, she even had time for a little barre work...
The most exciting part? She followed directions for the hour-long session and listened closely to her teacher. She has been in homeschool preschool for months now, and so she is already used to having a teacher and following directions.  She tried SO hard to make her not-yet-three-year-old body do the different moves, and for someone still working on mastering fine motor movement, it was pretty impressive.

We are not concerned with having superstar athletes...our goal for our kids when it comes to sports is learning teamwork, listening and following a coach's instructions, and seeing that life-long exercise can be fun! 
Good job Skye! Mom and dad are pretty proud!

Check out Asia's very first ballet class here.  We thought Asia was tiny...She was HUGE compared to Skye at the same age.   

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