Thursday, August 1, 2013

How Do You Do It?

When people find out that Brian and I have learned 2 languages in 3 years and had 4 kids in 3 years...We inevitably get asked, "How do you do it?"

The simplest answer is:  WE don't!

When we got on the airplane almost 4 years ago with with 3 kids 2 1/2 and under...  It was painfully obvious that we had gotten in over our heads.  And it has only gotten more and more so.

More times than we can count we have cried, "UNCLE!"

"The Lord never gives you more than you can handle!"  Ummm...that's completely wrong...  The Lord gives you WAY MORE than you can your own strength. The last four years have been a long lesson in learning to rely on God and not ourselves.

God gave me an amazing husband.  Who views me as a full partner in the ministry...a teammate. Who sees the value in ME (and not just him) learning the language and culture of the country we are living in and has sacrificed greatly to make that happen. 

He has changed diapers, gotten up in the middle of the night with crying babies, balanced toddlers on his knee while trying to do a language helping session. He's made breakfast, read books, played legos, given baths, washed dishes, put away laundry...  You get the idea. 

He didn't view the house and kids as my job and his job was to learn the language and culture and to have a ministry.  He viewed us as a team.  If I don't "make it"...he doesn't "make it".

He has pushed me along...during the times when I just didn't want to study any more and I just wanted to take a break...when I was exhausted and stressed out and completely sick of language study...and frankly, probably nobody would have blamed me...

But he knows in order for us to be able function here long term...
In order, for me to survive, to be content and to develop deep lasting relationships with the people around us... and dare I even say it...BE HAPPY...
I must learn the language and culture of the people we minister to...
The last four years has been a long road...and a far from easy one. The work was hard, and being away from family has been super tough.

But I know I'm right where God wants me to be, and He can change that tomorrow if that is what He has for us, but right now, sitting here, surrounded by a developing country and a life very different from our lives in America...I know. I am in the right place, right here...right here is where God wants me, and right here is my home.

That's how we do it. WE don't. He does. In His strength He is slowly making us more like Himself as we minister together as a husband-wife team. We basically pray, do our job, support each other, and hang on for dear life on this crazy ride that God is taking us on. To do that, we have to rely on God moment by moment of every day. And we wouldn't have it any other way.


Gran'pa & Gran'ma Tiegs said...

Amen and amen!!! :>)

Shilo said...

Amen, honey! I sure do love you! And I love Him in you!