Friday, August 2, 2013

Flashback Friday: London Calling

Aahh....London. We miss you. We miss Hyde Park, looking all over London from the dome of St. Peters...Hanging out at Harrod's, real Fish n' Chips, Trafalgar Square...yes, now that you mention it we were touristy Americans...
cira. 2005
London....Yeah, ok, this is what happens when someone you don't know takes your picture. We are standing in front of one of the most historic buildings in Europe...and our volunteer photographer decided that an extra meter of cobblestones in front of us was more important than half of the roof of Westminster Abbey! Oh, well, the pictures fade, the memories remain. And in this case, the pictures actually do fade, because this was back when we had a, dare I say it, camera that needed film.

Long, long ago, before children roamed our house....we were married, and younger, and wandering the world much more simply. After a missions trip to Ukraine, we had a London layover and spent a few days Minding the Gap, visiting Eliza Doolittle's old haunts, and listening to the Beefeaters spin their tales in the Tower of London.

Totally awesome memories. It was also a different time, cuz it was about two weeks after the second London Subway bombing. (yes, we said it was a loong time ago) and security was tight, folks may have been a bit on edge, but the Changing of the Guard was still just as awesome to see, and it was really a good time.

And, back before children arrived, I (Brian) actually had a little more time to write, so I wrote about our experience for Student Traveler Magazine here.

Wow, would seriously love to go back there. And this time, we could actually go in to the special Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground that is patterned after the Peter Pan story We thought it looked really cool and we tried last time, but you can't get in without children.  I think we have that little requirement covered now.

 Listen closely. I think I hear London Calling.

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