Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Lalaloopsy Birthday Girl

Well, our household is officially saying goodbye to the 'baby' stage of our lives...(barring a miracle of course) Skye has now hit the big 3.0.
It was ALL things Lalaloopsy from the beginning, starting with cinnnamon rolls that matched her little Lalaloopsy doll... 
As you can see....carefully planned out in every detail.  ha
And, we were able to get a Lalaloopsy shirt made at a local printer here. It was very well received.  And she got a new Lalaloopsy Doll. She's pretty tough, and can hold her own with her twin brothers and big sister, but her reaction to pink things is normally along the lines of, "It's SOOO COOT!!!" Tonight in bed, she cradled her new baby and softly sang her a nite-nite lullaby.
Lalaloopsy figurines, pink frosting and sprinkles make any cake Lalaloopsy-licious! She was so excited for her upcoming birthday she would talk about it in animated little yells...and when she saw some of the decorations going up last night, she could hardly contain herself. Birthdays are exciting! 
And, there were some fun presents, both from mommy and daddy and from grandparents far away. There was lots of enjoyment playing with some new special stuff today. 
Blowing out three candles was a little tougher than it looked....but she did her best. 
Well, that's our fireball Skye...pound for pound, she has the most determination of any three-year old we've ever seen...but she still wants the occasional cuddle and enjoys having us sing her lullabies and give the obligatory butterfly kisses before bed. Sometimes we wish she wouldn't grow up, but we are sure enjoying having the privilege of being along for the ride. Thank you God for our little Skye girl!!

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We enjoyed this so much. I have
a big ol' lump in my throat. You
made us feel like we were there