Monday, July 1, 2013

Life, Ministry and Language Study

What do you get when you put Germans, Australians, Koreans, a Filipino, a Canadian, a Faroe Islander, a few Americans and a lot of food together?

One of our latest Language and Culture meetings.

As we ate Korean and American and Filipino food, we all celebrated a milestone together: Our first group of Language and Culture students in our program successfully finished Phase 1!

We currently have 5 full-time students: two Germans, two Koreans and one American, as well as several other folks who are studying part-time as they work in other ministries. We are truly blessed to have the chance to be involved in this ministry---
And, here we are, enjoying the taste of rice, kimchi, and success!  Wendel  (Filipino), Gene (Korean), Boris (German), and me, Brian (American)-- All on the same team and having fun together.
We thank God that he is helping such a culturally diverse team work together--- When we see God bringing people together from so many backgrounds, it is really exciting.
Brooke and the ladies--- some full-time students, a part-timer, and the wife of one of our leadership team members.

 Brooke's ministry includes making sure that the ladies are getting adjusted to life here, and helping with any difficulties that come up. 
And, more recently---two missionary ladies have given birth in the last two weeks, so she's been helping there too...doing baby showers, planning bring-a-meal schedules, and making sure that the new mothers are doing ok.
Brooke with Valentina (one of our students) and baby Zac!
Brooke and the ladies having a baby shower.
And, I continue to work with Wendel as we assess how the students are doing as they study language and culture. The two of us also continue to revise and develop the latter stages of the program. 
That includes regular observation of classes, and doing role-plays, recordings, etc., to make sure we know how the students are doing and what they need to work on.
And, of course, we get together as a team on a regular basis-- to talk through what we are all experiencing, what God is teaching us, what we are learning, and what we are gonna do next!

And we pray regularly for our students as they continue to study-- learning the local language isn't easy, but it's the last major step that missionaries take before heading to a tribe or a support ministry---so the sooner they  know the language and culture well--the sooner they have the chance to bring God's Word to those who have never had the chance to clearly hear or understand!

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