Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Funnies

Well, here's the latest round-up of Funny Stuff From the Mouths of our Fantastic Four...
Asia:  "I'm gonna be the bride. Because I have a wedding dress. And one of those handsome boys is going to be...what is that called again??"
Daddy: "The groom."
Asia: "Oh, yeah."

Asia: (another day) "Oh pickle sticks and crumbleberries!" (Apparently this is her latest epithet)

Brooke: Do you know who the first President of the United States was?
Slater:  Jesus
Talk about Sunday School answer/ultimate parenting fail!

Skye:  The clouds never melt.  Butter melts.  Clouds don't melt.

Brooke:  Asia, please, point to and name all the continents...
Asia:  North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Asia (pointing to the continent of Asia)....
Skye:  No, that's not Asia....that's me!  This is Asia! (pointing to Australia)
That's the trouble with naming one kid after a continent and not any of their siblings...though I did try to convince Brian to have 7 children and name each one after a continent...he's such a spoilsport!
Skye just still doesn't quite get that she's not a continent, she is above all the continents.

And, just to finish it off...
We like to call this: "Philippine Gothic"

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