Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DIY Dad: Cut-Out Pancakes

So, the wife is off to the big city on an overnight shopping trip, and I am in charge of our four kiddos while she's gone. Which is fine. Hey, I take care of my kids all the time, but it's a little different when the spouse is absent. For one thing, Brooke is a cook. Or, more like a chef.

I always feed our finicky foursome breakfast, but that's normally oatmeal. No, not instant. We use old fashioned rolled oats here, thank you. I cook them on the stove and everything. Way healthier, and none of those instant maple and brown sugar-loaded packets. But the other morning, Leif told me, "You know, dads can make pancakes too."

Of course, I know that son. I survived as a single until I was 28, thank you. Your mommy didn't cook for me while I was in college by myself, and living in Taiwan as a single. There was a fair bit of cooking that went on during those years, not always worthy of Julia Child, but not inedible either.

But after getting married, frankly, when you're married to Julia Child, it doesn't make a lot of sense to take over the kitchen too often.

But when mommy's gone, daddy does his stuff. Last night, I made pancakes for supper, and the kids loved them. But, they are an unpredictable bunch, sometimes they eat a ton, sometimes not so much. We had LOTS of pancakes left over.

Enter cookie-cutters, leftover pancakes, and the microwave. I'm sure some other cooler dad posted something like this on Pinterest long ago...but hey, at least it felt like my idea.
Pure pancake star happiness
For lunch today, I microwaved our leftover pancakes, gave the kids some cookie-cutters, and let them go. They soon were eating everything from hearts, circles, Christmas trees, maple leaves and sometimes the scrap that accompanied each new shape.
Have a heart. A pancake heart. 
Ok, I ended up making my entire meal from the leftover cuttings from their pancakes, but they were happy, we ate the leftovers and they got to say, "I did it myself!"
Skye demonstrates proper pancake cookie-cutter-cutting technique.
My whole crew, from the 2-year old to the 6-year old enjoyed it, and next time mommy is gone, I'm thinking we might go for another round of Cut-Out Pancakes.

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