Monday, July 29, 2013

Back 2 School

It's the first day of school! After a crazy two weeks of summer break, the Johnson Homeschool is back in action. (And that is a totally lame name for a homeschool....We are thinking of having a blog contest to come up with a better name...stay tuned for further updates...) 
Anyway, as of today, Asia is a rookie elementary student, and she's excited out of her mind to be back in school. When she started kindergarten, Asia wanted to be a strawberry farmer. But, when you begin elementary school, you have to start getting realistic about potential career paths, so she's changed that goal to prima ballerina.
And, here's the whole student body with their young and attractive teacher. (This is Brian writing by the way.) They said the Pledge of Allegiance and got down to business. With three preschoolers and one 1st grader, there's no time to mess around, there's learning to be done. 
So, welcome to Ancient History. We've got our timeline that has now taken over our entire living room wall. Every time the kids see it, they will see everything from ancient Pharoahs to their own pictures next to their birthdates, since everyone is at least a small part of history. Skye, our almost-three year old got something out of it. She ran to me today and yelled, "Dad, I was born!" So, we're getting there. 
This year, we also have Road Scholars. They are taking a "school bus" all around the US, and Slater is giving us an idea of what that school bus will look like.  
Leif is continuing his love of constructing complex geometric shapes with pattern blocks... 
Asia has jumped right back into handwriting... 
Skye still hasn't stopped eating... 
And, we started something new this year...Visayan class! We're beginning simply, just a few minutes a session, with laminated pictures of common objects, and teaching them to comprehend and point at the pictures when they hear the correct words. It's called TPR or Total Physical Response, and it's one of the first things our new missionaries do when they start language study. I (Brian) won't be around to do it with them all the time, but it was nice to be able to do some foreign language class with my kiddos, especially on their first day of school!

So, one day down, and only 15 years to go! Thankfully, the kids love learning. Every day is a challenge, but we are so blessed to have the chance to homeschool our four young scholars. Here's to tomorrow, and all the years ahead!

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Gran'ma Tiegs said...

We really enjoyed this, Brian! You two (who are "one")are a blessing and encouragement to us as you share your lives with us through this blog and all the pictures. We appreciate you both so much. We commit you to our gracious Father-God. Looking forward to seeing you and meeting the kiddos in person. Lovingly, Gran'ma Tiegs, for Gran'pa, too