Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Art @ Cha: A Bubble Tea Shop Review

It finally happened! We have a Bubble Tea shop in our town...It's called Art @ Cha!

It actually has not even had its grand opening yet, it's still in the soft opening phase, but we had to go try it out.

The owner is a good  friend of ours, and she is an amazing artist, so we weren't surprised with the attention to detail inside. The shop has a very cool design-- nice old photos, beautiful tea pots, attractive decor and even some original artwork done by the very talented owner herself.
We tried the milk tea, and we along with our kids had several fruit teas-- the mango, hibiscus, strawberry and blueberry teas, and the bruschetta for a side dish.

First of all, Brooke and I have had a LOT of bubble tea in our life--- I lived in Taiwan for two years, and Brooke lived there for one year, so bubble tea, or boba tea, or Jen Ju nai cha as we called it in Taiwan, was on our menu on a very regular basis.
The owner also happens to be an identical twin!
And, the verdict is, this place has REALLY GOOD bubble tea. I had the classic milk tea, and it was just right-- just the right sweetness but not too sweet, and real black tea flavor. The other teas tasted great also. Or, as Slater said, "This is delicious!" Normally the bubble teas I have had at other shops here in the Philippines has been too sweet, but this was perfect.
We also tried something new-- normally I have had regular pearls in my tea, but for the first time we had popping pearls-- pearls that have lychee juice inside, that pop and burst with flavor in your mouth!

I'll probably stick with regular pearls in the future, but they were fun for a change and my kids loved them.
There are the popping pearls, regular pearls, and also nata de coco (coco jelly) available.

Along with the assortment of teas, there is also a variety of meryenda (snack) items to choose from. For our meryenda with our tea, we had the bruschetta, and it was delicious-- high quality olives and olive oil, and great overall flavor. There's also sandwiches, lasagna, baked macaroni, cake, etc. We'll have to try some of that next time.

Our whole family had a great time, and we'll be going back soon!
Asia already commented that it would be a great place to go on dates.
If you come to our little town in Mindanao, It's located on Claro Recto street, about 100 meters from the highway. Give it a try!
Here we are with my good friend the owner after enjoying our yummy tea.

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Michele said...

Very cool! Wanted to try, but haven't yet. Will have to make some or find a local restaurant that has some.

Glad you have a new date spot :-)