Thursday, July 4, 2013

An Expatriate Independence Day

 Independence Day is just finishing for us expatriates---and we finally had a day of awesome weather in the middle of our (very) rainy season. So, we celebrated...
Nicest weather in a loong time! We were planning on making it a family day, so we wasted no time. We celebrated our freedom at the pool.  As expats, it's really important to us to teach our kids about their heritage. So we try to make the 4th a special day. On the way to the pool we said the Pledge of Allegiance, sang the national anthem, God Bless America, and all the words we could remember from "God Bless the USA." Come on, admit it. You only know the chorus of that song too. 
The best part about swimming today? It's totally not a local holiday and all the kids are in the pool was basically empty. Skye must have tapped in to her patriot power, because for the first time she wasn't afraid to paddle and kick her way around the big pool by herself. She kept telling me, "I don't need you, dad!" I wonder if I feel the same way King George did in 1776. 
The boys had their dive sticks in the little pool, and they literally threw them in, jumped in the pool, got the sticks off the bottom, got out of the pool and repeated the process for about an hour and a half straight. This might be why they asked to go to bed at 5:45 PM. 
Don't be fooled. Just like our nations first president, we cannot tell a lie. Our patriotic princesses, Captain America and Joe Cool look happy. This is because a picture is a 1/64 second long slice of life. And that is almost exactly the amount of time they were not fussy, fighting over one of the flags or hitting each other during the 4th of July photo shoot.  
We finished off the day with our awesome bubble maker---popping these babies is as close as we got to fireworks. 
But, the kids loved it. 
After they kept popping the bubbles, we got them to sit still so we could make some bigger ones. 
And, this is about 1.2 seconds after they were all sitting still. You  gotta pop those bubbles!
God Bless America.
Thanks to all of you who are serving or have served our country!
Sometimes when living in a foreign land, we are especially reminded of how much we love our country. 
Happy 4th to everyone living in the Land of the Free.  
And a big happy 4th to those sleeping far away from home right now, doing what it takes to keep us Free.

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