Monday, July 15, 2013

4 Colds and a Thank You

Sicky daddy and sicky daughter being semi-miserable together.
The persistent little virus hit fast, and before we knew it we had 4 out of 6 people with coughing, runny-nosed colds in our house.

And, when this happens, I seriously start thinking about how thankful I am.

As I dealt with fussy stuffed-up kiddos, and was probably somewhat fussy myself (that's the worst cold I've had in a looong time) I was really thankful.

Because, whenever we actually get sick around here, it is a reminder of how ridiculously healthy we are.

I'm serious. I look back at the last nearly four years overseas---taking care of 3 kids, then Brooke's pregnancy and safe birth of Skye, then taking care of four kids, and we have just been amazingly healthy.

We have had one trip to the ER while we've been here. And that was because Leif stuck a bead up his nose.

For a bit of comparison, we took Asia to the ER twice before she was 1. the first time, we got rear-ended in our car and as freaked-out first time parents, we rushed her in. (She was fine.) The second time she had croup so bad in the middle of the night that her breathing sounded like a seal barking and, probably even more freaked out, we took her in again.

Twice in 1 year with 1 child.

As opposed to once in 4 years with 3 and then 4 children. Yes, we are thankful.

I know someone could get sick tomorrow, and I'm ready for that.

But our good health has made living here sooo much more doable.

When I'm well, I often forget how well I am. And it's easy to forget to be thankful for what we've got until it's gone...and we realize how blessed we were.

God can have us get sick, and He is still faithful and I can praise Him in the midst of that. If and when that happens. I have many friends and family who have and are sick or deal with lots of sickness.

If that happens, I am praying that I will still be thankful for each day.

For this moment, as I sit here, over my cold and feeling better, I am just thanking God for an amazingly healthy four years with four kiddos and my wife---

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