Thursday, July 18, 2013

10 Years!

On July 18, 2003, Brooke and I walked barefoot on a beach at Cape Henry, Virginia, and with porpoises playing in the background, and lighthouses on both sides, we said "I do." You can see our Wedding post here.

That's probably the last time something in our lives really went according to plan....:)
Today, as we celebrated 10 years, our day was different, because we had expected to be back in the USA, with some grandparents babysitting our kids, so that we would have a date (as in, just the two of us for once) to celebrate 10 years...ha. Maybe for our 11th.

But, God's plan is perfect, and better than ours. We had an awesome time as a family, celebrating a very special day.
I (Brian) did my best to sort of recreate Brooke's wedding bouquet...the calla lilies here are about 4 times bigger than in the US...but it turned out ok.
We spent part of the morning making potstickers together, one of our favorite foods from our first year of marriage in Taiwan.
Ok, they are delicious, but they take a LOT of work. Especially when the wrappers refuse to stick together...and they are square and they are supposed to be round.
In the afternoon, we had the Bergens, one of the couples in the language program, over for meryenda and a nice chat. Of course, we had Oatmeal Cake, because there's still some left over. It's still delicious.
And, we enjoyed one of our favorite Taiwanese treats...Bubble Tea! Or, Jen Ju Nai Cha as we used to call it in Taiwan. A cool Bubble Tea shop just opened in our town this week, so the timing was perfect.
We had a special supper out on the town, with our four favorite little people...
And, we finished off the day by watching our wedding on video. I just got Brooke's mom to make a DVD copy of the old VHS (wow, we are old) and send it to us, so it was the first time we had seen it in ages. The kids loved it, and as we were getting married, Skye yelled, "you winned!"
Brooke's parents also called, so the kids got to talk on the phone to their gramps and gram, and we were able to talk to them a bit too. It's been a great day! And we thank God for giving us 10 years, and four adorable little ones to share it with. Here's to the next 10!

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