Saturday, June 22, 2013

VOTE for Summer...School

For those of you who got the Napoleon Dynamite reference...congratulations.(and please send chapstick cuz my lips hurt real bad.) For those of you who didn't...that's ok. It has pretty much nothing to do with this post.

Anyway...My plans for the summer were to have a fun leisurely school time. You know, read some fun books to the kids.  Finish up the rest of Asia's reading program...  Nothing too crazy...and certainly nothing too rigid.  HA!

I guess I should have talked this through with my kids...because...that is not what they had in mind.  
They LOVE school...on Saturday & Sunday...they beg to "do school".  I have put my foot down on that one...this Mama needs a break.  

But this summer...  We have ended up doing some REAL school.

Monday through Friday. 

And honestly...keeping on a schedule works much better for the overall sanity level of our household.
I have been doing a "Letter of the Week" with the twins.  But I'll save that for another post.
Asia has worked hard on finishing up Level 1 of Sing, Spell, Read &, some other things...but again...that will be another post.  And Skye has been joining us for what I like to call "snack time".  HA!  Just kidding...she doesn't eat snack the WHOLE time. Mostly at this point she is learning the art of sitting semi-quietly, playing not too loudly, and chewing and swallowing her many snacks...sort of quietly while her sibling have more structured learning time.
See...sometimes she works on Math Pattern Blocks...or even colors.  :) She's also an impressive Play-doh sculptor.
Skye also spends time with her Lalaloopsies.  Which she just adores!  Or other toys she can play with quietly.
But a LOT of the time is about having snack! She turns 3 in August and she just tips the scale at 20 pounds right now...(but perfectly healthy, just tiny) so she is burning it off somehow. I'd like to borrow her metabolism for a few years.
As I little superheroes have been working on their letters...
When they aren't working on their letters they color or draw or do stencils...and listen to what I'm teaching Asia.  
And when Grammy sends them new Legos...they are allowed to play quietly while they listen.  There are sooo many times I have thought they weren't paying any attention...but they'll surprise me and know the answer to my questions before Asia does.  
Here, Asia is coloring a picture of a jaguar...since we've been studying the Rain Forest.
We have also spent a lot of time outside...OBSERVING nature.  Can you see the toad that Skye is checking out?
Many times after spotting something new in nature and reading about it in one of our nature books...the kids draw pictures about what they've seen.  Here they are drawing pictures of a millipede that they found in our yard one day.
We try to take nature walks when we can...
And we spend a lot of time reading...
Good thing we have another reader in the house.  
I also, spend a TON of time reading to the kiddos.

Our 'summer' has ended up very different from what I originally envisioned. But Asia is learning to read well, the twins are learning their letters and proper classroom behavior, and Skye is starting to get into the act. Let's hear it for Summer School!

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Stephanie Engelman said...

Great job! I hear you. A schedule is easier, even though we moms may long for a break. Nice compromise. You do need the weekends at least. ;)