Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Ballet Closing Program

Our house has been  getting a little more graceful all year, and it has a lot to do with Asia's ballet practice. Frankly, when she started ballet in Manila long ago (she was almost three at the time) we figured that she would like it for a little while, and like most three-year olds, she would get tired of it and decide she wanted to be a gymnast for three months, then a tap dancer for two months, and then want to run away and join the circus for at least a week or two. 
But, she has surprised both mommy and daddy with her determination to stick with ballet. For our first year in our new location, there was no ballet, but she never stopped hoping and praying that she would get to have lessons. And finally, a program started here and she jumped in with both tippy-toes.

And, this summer especially, she has really improved. It is seriously fun as parents, to watch her perform in her closing summer program, when we can remember only too well last year's summer closing program...which was....danced with...umm...great enthusiasm!
But this year, along with her enthusiasm, her skills and balance have improved a lot. I wouldn't say that the Prima Ballerinas in Moscow and Paris need to be worried at this point. But, it is super exciting to watch our kiddo step up and really work on something over a long period of time, and then see it pay off in her class's awesome final performance!

Check out the sweet video here!
And, for some comparison....check out last year's video! :)

Go Asia! Whatever you do, I pray you keep doing it with all your heart!

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KSneds said...

Ballet is so much glad you have found a place where your little one can flourish as a budding ballerina! I have watched my "not so little" one develop into a beautiful dancer, and I am grateful that the Lord has enabled us to foster her talents!