Sunday, June 23, 2013

Letter of the Week

We are brand new to this homeschooling thing...only been going a little over a year...  And we are brand new to homeschooling twins.  Leif & Slater are only 4 1/, I'm not freaking out about homeschooling them...but they are begging to do, this is what we are doing lately:

We are doing a Letter of the Week.  I am taking things very slow and just trying to teach them what sounds the letters make and how to write them.  I normally try to read a Letter of the Week book...but my "library" is sometimes I just have to read a generic ABC book.  Also, I use the Sing, Spell, Read & Write phonics song to teach the letter sounds...which works soo well that even Little Skye is now singing along.
You can hear Leif sing the phonics song here.
I got these awesome printables over @ Confessions of a Homeschooler.  She has great stuff and some stuff is even available for free.  I printed off what I wanted to use and laminated, the boys can write and erase to their little hearts content...and I don't have to panic about how many trees were cut down.
On Mondays and Tuesdays, we focus on what sound the letter makes and how to write it...and also, a bit about what words start with the letter.
Confessions of a Homeschooler also has these letter finds...which I also laminated...So, eventually, Skye can use all of them also.
We normally start out our day with a coloring page or two...While I read to them or work with Asia.

This homeschooling twins thing is interesting...and I'm learning a lot.  They are sooo very tends to be more careful and one tends to speed through things.  So, that makes things a little challenging...  
The twins were also given these Comprehensive Preschool Curriculum Books.  We normally work through these on Wednesday.  We just cover the pages of whatever I am teaching them @ the time.
Thursday is craft day...  This is a huge stretch for me...a)because I am not a crafty person and b)I am a bit of a neat freak(my husband would probably call it something else)...and crafts with four kids ages 2 to 6...tends to get really, really messy.  But the kids love, I am learning to love  tolerate it.  Ha!
The twins ask ALL week long if it's craft day yet.  :)  Those are supposed to be Dinosaurs(Brian thought they were turtles)...Hey, I told you that I'm not crafty...Thank God for Pinterest!
The twins thought this Letter of the Week thing was going too slowly(Slater informed me that it was too long until Z), they taught themselves the rest of the letters using the Curious George ABCs story and they already knew the sounds from the Sing, Spell, Read & Write phonics song.

The boys listen/participate in Asia's Bible, Science, History/Geography and Poetry Classes.  They are little stinkers and Asia is going to have to watch out...because they often know the answers to my questions before she does.  :)


Great-gran'ma Tiegs said...

For someone who is new to homeschooling you're doing great, Brooke! You sure have some eager students and quick learners. We enjoy the blog, photos, and videos so much. Sure helps us "feel" like we are almost there with y'all. It sure would've been wonderful to have had all this technology when we were all scattered around the world! :>)

jms021117 said...

I agree with Grandma June. We are stateside and I don't do as many creative things with my littles, but that's what happens when you have big ones too. :) Looks like you are fostering a LOVE of learning, and not just "doing school." I call that success!