Monday, June 17, 2013

En Pointe: A Ballerina Birthday

Superboy, a young officer and gentleman, and a ballerina birthday girl complete with a baby sister ballerina sidekick...Looks like we're ready for a birthday party!
Asia absolutely loves ballet, so it was the natural choice for her 6th birthday. She has really improved this year, and has impressed her parents with her determination to stick with something long-term.
3-tiered ballerina cupcake birthday cake baby!
The young ballerinas at the party displayed their dance skills for several party games, and twirled their way to a wonderful time. We played freeze dance--complete with classical ballet music...if you don't stop dancing when the music stops, you're out! And, Ballerina Says....(kind of similar to Simon Says, with more ballet steps.) And, a twirling contest, to see who could twirl the longest without falling over (not our best move...that one might get cut from future parties.)

And, the best part was having young ballerinas from three countries for the dancing festitivites. (it would have been four, but one little ballerina couldn't make it.)

Happy Birthday Asia! (little late on the blog....her birthday was at the end of April...but mommy and daddy have been busy chasing our two little ballerinas, superhero and naval officer....oh, and doing our ministry too...better late than never.)

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