Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February in a Nutshell

I'm getting old. This is my birthday picture...and I had a great day. But I'm old. I do have a beautiful young wife though...
Finally got the kids to the swimming pool...They could stayin the water forever...they love it so much that you can see their little teeth chattering from the cold but they still don't want to stop!
And, Brooke got 4th place for the women at the Red Cross Run! We (Brian and all four kiddos) made it in time to see mommy cross the finish line.  
Thank the Lord! After 3.5 years of waiting and praying, we have a vehicle! The kids love it and so far it's working out well. 
Our funny Valentines....They appreciated their pink sprinkles on their oatmeal immensely.... 
18-K Awesomeness! Brooke just completed her first 18-K run, and she ran the whole way! Daddy and four kiddos were quite impressed. 
Asia continues to practice hard in ballet class. She still loves it. 
And, today was my last day of teaching first grade Biblein Visayan. It was quite the experience! The kids LOVED to sing and act out the stories. Praying that they remember what they learned. 

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