Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February in a Nutshell

I'm getting old. This is my birthday picture...and I had a great day. But I'm old. I do have a beautiful young wife though...
Finally got the kids to the swimming pool...They could stayin the water forever...they love it so much that you can see their little teeth chattering from the cold but they still don't want to stop!
And, Brooke got 4th place for the women at the Red Cross Run! We (Brian and all four kiddos) made it in time to see mommy cross the finish line.  
Thank the Lord! After 3.5 years of waiting and praying, we have a vehicle! The kids love it and so far it's working out well. 
Our funny Valentines....They appreciated their pink sprinkles on their oatmeal immensely.... 
18-K Awesomeness! Brooke just completed her first 18-K run, and she ran the whole way! Daddy and four kiddos were quite impressed. 
Asia continues to practice hard in ballet class. She still loves it. 
And, today was my last day of teaching first grade Biblein Visayan. It was quite the experience! The kids LOVED to sing and act out the stories. Praying that they remember what they learned. 


Well, here we are...tomorrow is the last day of February...and we haven't blogged since December.  haha.  No excuses...  We'll just try to catch you all up on the last month & a half.  It hasn't been dull...The last week of December, we were....
Leaving on a jet plane! Heading off to the big city for annual missions conference. It was a bit sunny. That's why the guy in the background is carrying an umbrella.
One of the best things about the big city: Krispy Kreme! Even better? One of the ladies who works there is from our island and speaks the language we are studying, so she was pretty excited to talk to someone in her native dialect! (She gave us balloons and hats and free donuts for everyone :)
Four kids at the Guest House. One bed. They didn't look quite this happy for long. But actually, they did surprisingly well.
Banquet night at conference... 
And, Fun Night! Asia had a great time getting into her group's song routine.
And, if you haven't guessed, their class theme was: "superheroes." This was the perfect theme for our kids, and they repeated to us many times what they learned: "Superheroes never give up!" and, "Superheroes always tell the truth." The group that came from the US to teach the kids did an awesome job! 
And, no trip to Manila would be complete without having Pho at our favorite noodle place. All four kids loved it and did surprisingly well with their chopsticks.
Well, that was a busy 10 days. We had our Starbucks, and it's time to go home now.


On January 21st, the Visayan language and culture program was ready for business! God brought five new students to our island, and they were ready to go!
First Day! We started with a week of excursions and Kick-Off meetings. We have a really diverse group--two Koreans, two Germans, and one American.
And, as usual, for their excursions, it rained. It always rains here. But they still had fun.
And, after excursions were done each day, we talked through the program together. We really appreciate our new students--they are excited to learn and working hard.
Wendel is doing a great job as language helper, and it's been really fun to observe the students as they learn and grow.
Please pray for us and our students and Wendel! Language and culture study can be a lot of fun, but it is also a LOT of work!