Monday, December 3, 2012

Xmas Abroad: "Wintery" Typhoon Weather

The months of December and January are the supposed to be the coolest months of the year here in the Philippines...some people refer to them as "cold season". (Of course, "Cold" is relative...mid 60's would be practically arctic around here..)

So...when "wintery" weather strikes around's not snowy, but it can be serious.

We have a monster typhoon heading into our area tonight and tomorrow, and it could do some real damage--
We live on the island right to the left of the storm. The eye of the storm is supposed to hit the northern tip. 
We live up in the, usually where we live, we just get a lot of rain and some wind. We should be fine. (At least we normally are fine when there is a typhoon in the area . We're praying that we just get wet and don't have the gale-force winds)

But people living by the coast could be in for a very rough ride. And, flooding is often a huge problem when a storm like this hits.

We are currently under Storm Signal #2 in our area, which normally means school closures here. But since we home such luck for Asia. :) 

Please be praying for safety for those in the path of the storm, and for those who will be leading rescue efforts.

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