Saturday, December 1, 2012

Xmas Abroad: The Tree

In all honesty, when family is an ocean away, and the temperature was in the 80's again today, it's easy to feel that it's not beginning to look a lot like Christmas. But, sometimes, we just have have to stop dreaming of a white Christmas, and realize, we really are home for the holidays, because this is our home.
And besides, the kids are already VERY ready for their "favorite holiday" we are slowly getting into the Christmas spirit.
 Today, we pulled out the plastic tree and put the kids to work decorating. They were, to put it mildly, reallyreally excited.  
Everybody got busy...they weren't too sure what the icicle and snowflake ornaments were though....not a lot of the cold white stuff where we live.
But they figured stuff out pretty quick!  
This was the first time for all four kids to decorate a Christmas tree.  Last year we had just moved into this house on December 23rd...and let's just say...we didn't exactly have our act together...and before that the kids were just too young.
Success!! Our Christmas-tree hugging bunch had an awesome time, and shockingly enough, they broke zero ornaments, and actually, had almost no bickering over who should decorate with what.
Good job Christmas crew! As of now, nobody's getting coal in their stocking.

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Gran'ma Tiegs said...

These are so special. :>) And everybody cooperated for a photo. I remember our irst Christmas in Aus. 119' was a shock! I was so homesick I shed buckets of tears. :>(