Tuesday, December 18, 2012

GTO Night Run

'Tis the season for...running! Last Saturday night, Brooke joined her Muay Thai friends for a night run 5-K.

Conditions? A dark and stormy night. The course? Really hilly, with the last kilometer one LOOONNG heartbreaking hill to the finish line...
Emotions?!? Let's go!! Brooke had a great time with her group. The race started about an hour late, so they also had some time to hang out and talk...and then finally...the Gun!
Apparently, my wife does awfully well for being the mother of 4 children 5 years old and under and only running once or twice a week...at best. She got 1st place for her age category!
And, one of her friends from Muay Thai got second for the same category. That's a One-Two Muay Thai finish! Apparently, kick-boxing is good cross-training.
And, perhaps the best part...When she got home, there were some VERY excited young fans to greet her and check out the sweet medal. Great job Hon!

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