Friday, December 21, 2012


Hello, my name is Asia, and I can spell that out for you if you need, because I'm in kindergarten and I know how to read and write and do some arthmetic.
I homeschool, and I think that it's actually pretty cool. For school.
That's my baby sister, her name is Skye...She likes to go to school too, but I just don't tell her she can't start until she's 5. It's ok for her to pretend...She likes to play and listen, and she can already say the pledge of allegiance and sing lots of Bible verses.
And that's my brother Slater, he's in preschool too, he likes to make magnet dinosaurs, and mommy says they can learn by playing. If that's true, they must be learning a lot! 
And, that's my brother Leif. He is the class clown, but he's also a really good artist. I think he's trying to decide what color dinosaurs really were.
For the Christmas season, we've been making lots of Christmas crafts and learning about Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus.
I can't wait for Christmas! It's my favorite holiday!!
And, mommy says we might take a day off of school for Christmas...

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