Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Family Day

So, it was family day at church....these two young men are my daughters bodyguards. They sometimes share snack too.
We got the back seat--best place to be when you have 4 noisy kiddos...that need to have their mouths perpetually stuffed with crackers to keep them quiet.
 Check out the new tin roof! It used to be palm thatch, but the old roof blew away in the big storm, so they put up a new one.
It was a pretty full house---Lots of Christmas songs...mostly in Visayan. Brooke make about 300 cookies for the celebration.
As per usual...we ended up in the "cry room" area with some kids who got fussy. Yes, that is a whitewater river 50 yards away from our church. 
And, even though the kids got fussy, they still ended up smiling again. And, I know Skye was trying to listen. The pastor was talking about today's date or, in the language here: "petsa" and the instant he said it Skye looked up at me and said..."Pizza?!?" Just goes to show...little pitchers have big ears...and you never know what they might hear.

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