Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 6: Laughter

Life is crazy. Thankfully, living in a foreign country and raising four little kids brings lots of laughter along with the insanity. Thank you God for laughter! We really need it.

Leif (4 year old brother to 2 year old sister):"Skye, downstairs, scary and monsters and giants. Have to watch out for them!"

 Misquotables:  "It's a small step made by man, but a big leap to humanity" Neil Armstrong 1969 (As seen on a local blog)
Looks: mommy. Mannerisms: ALL daddy.

The Grandma down the street calls me sexy...every time I (Brooke) walk past...and I imagine my Grandma saying that and it just doesn't compute.

Leif: "Where does Samson live?" Skye: "America!"

Asia:  Mom, What's a tan?  (Understandable in a country where in a lot of locations you could get a great tan if you wanted, but most people buy whitening products and use an umbrella to ward off the sun's darkening rays. And besides, in the place where we live, it's about as sunny as the Oregon coastline. As in, It rains. All. The. Time.)

Older lady at a funeral:  Are you single? Because these 2 pastors are...

Slater (after eating spicy food): What's this?  (sticking out his tongue and pointing to it)
Me:  ummm....your tongue
Slater:  it's REALLY hot!!!
Welcome to the world of spicy food, son.

Is there a draft in the arena?
This afternoon, all of a sudden, Slater ran out of his room freaking out and ripping his shirt off,...He threw the shirt on the floor and ran to mommy, screaming his little head off...something about a bug. Brian checked the shirt, and out wriggled a butiki, a little lizard about four inches long. Hey kid, we probably would have screamed too.
Bob...Bob! Can you see me?!? Cuz I can't see you. Is it time for the theme song?

Asia: (looking at the sesame seeds on a bun): " I think they're hamburger tree seeds!"

Asia: Why are these called buttons? 
Brooke: I don't know.
Asia: I thought you knew everything.
Snap!! (she wasn't being saucy...she just honestly thought mommy knew everything! for reals!)

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Anna said...

Naomi just saw the picture of Brian and asked "is he a soldier?" :)