Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 4: Legos and Lincoln Log Awesomeness

Where we live, it rains. A lot. This means that lots of days, playing outside is not an option. (Yes, if we were good parents, we would play with them in the mud every day and laugh about our muddy floors, ruined lawn, and general uncleanliness. But that is what we would do if we were really good parents.)
Thankfully, they all LOVE Legos and Lincoln Logs! We are VERY thankful for every tiny piece!
Lincoln Log village. They identified who lived in each house. Woody (Toy Story) had a house, so did the grandparents, their aunt, and other assorted friends/toys/relatives. Mommy and daddy did not have a house.
Lincoln Log bridge to Nowhere.
Optimus Prime and Bumblebee were stoked about their new log cabin digs.
A real Razor scooter is cool, but with some Legos and some good 4-year old ingenuity, you can just make your own.

According to Miss Skye, this was a "house" and a "table."
And, as I'm sure everyone can guess, this is a "birthday cake".

Legos and Lincoln Logs have kept our underage superheroes entertained for hours, for which we are extremely thankful-----and the boys just got their first "big kid legos" for their birthday...Here's to hoping Lincoln Logs and Legos keep them happy for a looong time!

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