Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 3: Ballet

As most of you know, Asia started ballet just before she turned 3 (when we were living in Manila)...  It wasn't a super consistent thing because we were in the middle of Tagalog language study, I was pregnant and it was during naptime. Then, we had a newborn, and ballet was one more expense that we couldn't handle at the time.
Asia's 1st Day of Ballet. Come on...Wasn't she adorable?!? 

Can you find her in that long row of girls?
Well, when we moved here...I told Asia that I wasn't sure if there would be ballet because we were moving to a small town...but WE PRAYED there would be... When we got here...I asked everyone...if they knew if there was ballet classes...  Everyone said the same thing...there used to be but not any more.  So sad!  But, we kept praying...
Then, last April, I got a text from a friend... She had heard that some ballet classes were starting up for the Filipino Summer.  I got Asia in the next day...  GOD ANSWERED OUR PRAYER!
She has been thrilled.  During Summer it was every morning Monday through Friday...but once school started it has been only on Saturdays. 
 It is sooo much nicer having a smaller class because the teacher has time to work one-on-one with the girls.  Asia has really improved!!!  I mean she is only 5 and she inherited my gracefulness...let's just say there's a reason I was on the soccer team, not the pom squad in high school...  But the most important thing is she LOVES it.

Her little class and her teacher.

Us with Teacher Chiqui

I spend her class time hanging with the other moms...trying to practice my Visayan...  And I'm getting to know her teacher...who is also a mom to twin boys.   So, we have an automatic bond.  :)

So, anyway... I'm sooo thankful for ballet...  Because Asia LOVES it and I've been able to make some friends through it.

But mostly, I'm thankful for ballet, because it was AN ANSWER TO OUR PRAYERS.

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