Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 28: Biscuits & Gravy

Whenever you get a craving to eat something American over here...and it's not available, you can do two things.

1. Talk and think and reminisce about the longed-for beverage or dish...

2. Or,  you can figure out how to make it here.

When we wanted to have good Southern biscuits and gravy in the US, normally, the way we procured it was:
Step 1. Go to restaurant.
Step 2. Order and eat it.
Step 3. Pay and leave.  (Brooke loves to cook, but hey, we have four kids and not a lot of free time.)

Here, a few weeks ago we got the hankering for some down-home biscuits and gravy.

So...Step 1. Peruse the internet to find recipe. for: biscuits, gravy, and...oh yeah, sausage. No Jimmy Dean-ish sausage available.

Step 2. Go to market the week before by 6 AM to get the fresh ground meat. How do you know it's fresh? Easy. It's still warm.

Step 3. Make sausage ahead of time and freeze.

Step 4. When we finally get up the gumption, make homemade biscuits. No Pillsbury Doughboy around here.

Step 5. Thaw sausage, make gravy.

Skye girl's first biscuits 'n two years old.
She loved them. So did we. We'll make more. Next year.
Step 6. Put it all together, and ENJOY!!! Wow, I don't think Jimmy Dean has anything on my wife's sausage. That was some GOOD GRAVY!

Why are we thankful for this?!?

Well, frankly, we both currently weigh less that when we got married, and the fact that it is really tough to procure some of our favorite fatty foods probably has a lot to do with it. When you have to logistically plan out the ingredients and other necessities for making something a week in advance, you tend to eat it a lot less.

Thank you God for unavailable non-necessities! Our life is probably better without them, or maybe only having them once every two years.

And, our second Thank you....those biscuits and gravy were amazing. Thank you God that we can have Jimmy Dean-ish deliciousness at least once in a while!! We definitely appreciated them more than we used to.

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