Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 27: Health

4 not-so-happy little sick kids watching Charlie Brown Christmas earlier today.
Sometimes, it's the things you don't like that remind you to be thankful for the things you had.
Like Health.
We have been amazingly healthy over this whole crazy year
(our whole three years in the Philippines really)
But it's super easy to forget to be thankful for it...until you suddenly have all four kids sick at the same time. Today, as we dole out the acetominophen, refill water cups as often as possible so the kids stay hydrated, and discover the occasional evidence that someone's last meal didn't want to stay in their stomach, we are reminded...
Be thankful for Health when it's there!! When it's not, you are quickly reminded how much it's worth.
Thank you God, for Health! And please let our kids get healthy soon!!

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