Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 26: New Christmas 'Jammies!

One of the best parts about having kids this age is....
The kiddos just got 'jammies from grampy and grammy, and they were excited out of their minds to wear them.

So, we're thankful for the new 'jammies---and we're also really thankful to God for the perspective to life that having 4 little munchkins around brings us.
Take JOY in the small things!! Like pajamas with stars and penguins on them!! or seeing the moon! Or a pretty flower! Or dirt! (Skye told the moon good night tonight...and we've never even read her the book.)
Sometimes we all need a little bit more child-like wonder in our lives....and hanging with our fab four reminds Brooke and I to look at things like a kid again. It's so much more fun to experience life through their eyes then let our jaded 3+ decades of life experience get in the way of WONDER!

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