Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 24: My Personal Wonder-Woman

So, Brooke is off with her Muay Thai friends doing a 10-K run this weekend...It's part of the Milo Marathon series, for those who know about that--

And, I am at home taking care of the Fantastic Four--they are asleep, the internet finally came back on, so I'm doing the Thankful post today all by myself.

And, I am thankful to God--for my wife. The mother to the Fantastic Four could be no less than a bona fide Wonder Woman. And, she is.

One of my super faves from our beach wedding...Hon, you looked 12 years old. Now that you've had 4 look 21. And more beautiful than ever.
Our marriage has been this: Together for 9 years, blessed with 4 kids, lived in 3 countries, studied 2 languages, and followed 1 God together, and He has kept us together through some pretty crazy times.

Brooke is kick-boxer strong, super-intelligent, awesome cook, great mom, and oh, did I mention....she's totally hot too.

Our life together is far from easy, full of stress, super busy, running after kids while working on the language program...and somehow with God's help she holds us all together.

Thank you God--- for this woman. (and thanks also to my in-laws--they apparently did a really good job) :) I am truly blessed

Love you hon.

Hope your race is great. The boys expect you to win a gold medal. They told me so.

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