Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 23: Mapleine

So, this morning, we used up the last of our maple flavoring.

That is something that we have never seen in stores here. (Maybe it exists...we just haven't found it yet.) But anyway, we ran out.

And, this afternoon, we got a text that a BIG box had just arrived for us! (That always gets the entire household very excited.)

We got it, opened it up, and...yup. Mapleine.

There was tons of other cool stuff in the box...everything from coffee to salted nut rolls to cheese, Christmas presents for the kids and lots more. 

But it was pretty special to run out of something that we all love....pancakes with maple syrup is the most highly requested meal in our house...and get it in a box from our loved ones at home that same day.

This Thanksgiving we really missed family, but something like that makes them feel a little closer.

Thanks to all the family members who contributed to our box!!

And Thank You, God...for working out the timing of that.


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