Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 22: Pagpasalamat!

Maayong Adlaw sa Pagpasalamat!  Happy Thanksgiving Day!
Squanto, Miles Standish, an unidentified Pilgrim woman and a little turkey! :)
Thanksgiving day is almost over here....but for our family in America, it's just beginning.

We just finished celebrating our fourth thanksgiving in a row here in the Philippines--And we miss our family in the US, but we are very thankful for the chance to celebrate with friends here. And to teach them a little about our culture.

Some old family friends, Brooke's Muay Thai friends, our helper, and Wendel rounded out our Thanksgiving table. Welch's sparkling grape juice added some festiveness!

Pumkin and Pecan Pie are real treats....cuz we get them about twice a year. This also could be why we have both lost a considerable amount of weight while living here...

Skye has gotten pretty used to Kuya Wendel (our language helper) being around every day. He's gotten really used to American food.

Finishing it off with pie and homemade whipped cream....Brooke is an awesome cook. (Brian is writing this. Promise.)

Brooke and her Muay Thai friends-- Doctora Briones and Ninyo. They and other Muay Thai friends are doing a 10-K this weekend, they just started carbo-loading a little early.

And, Dave and Cora---they are friends of Brooke's parents and have known Brooke since she was a little kid.
We still miss family, but we are so thankful for friends, food, and fun. Sadly, no football, but the Vikings have given us little to be thankful for this year...

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