Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 21: Digital Cameras

So...some of you might not be so thankful that we have a digital camera...since we post picture after picture of our phantasmagorical foursome on Facebook.
Oh look! And yet another picture!
But, we are super thankful. Back in the day...(not so long ago, in my memory) I took pictures of my travels with an antique Pentax SLR, and I had to lug along my film canisters and have a lead shield for all my stuff so the x-rays at the airport didn't negate the photo value of my latest journey.

I have way too few pictures of a lot of those trips because, well, the trip was expensive enough, I couldn't be blowing a wad on film too.

Now, we just snap snap snap whenever we feel like it and delete the deleterious photos, and still end up with 10x as many.

For a family with 4 little kids, it takes what would have been a whole roll of film to get one good picture of them all looking at the camera while nobody is simultaneously picking their nose. doesn't even make a dent in our SD card.

Digital camera...we love you.

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