Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 19: The Internet!

I'm thankful for the internet.

When we were growing up as Missionary Kids overseas, we were seriously isolated. Not always a bad thing, but there is something to be said for Skype and online news.

As a kid, my family faithfully listened to VOA (The Voice of America) news broadcast on the radio almost every day. There was no television station where we lived, (heck, when we moved there electricity hadn't showed up yet) and radio was pretty much it.

 I can still remember some of the announcers names to this day...cuz they were so much a part of our lives. They were pretty much our window on the world. (wait, that was literally the name of one of their shows...Window on the World. I just remembered as I was typing this.)

Some of you old missionaries might remember That was VOA's way to help people stuff.

Wow. I was clueless come furlough time. Coming back to America was quite the shock to my 5th grade Missionary Kid mind. Kids even called adults by their first names! Horrifying!! :) 

And, one time we were visiting a family, their kid asked if I would like to play with transformers...I was like isn't that dangerous we might get electrocuted....the only transformer I knew was not a robot in disguise, it was a 220-110 voltage embarrassing.

And, parents and grandparents. When I was a kid, we talked to my grandparents maybe once every year or less, on a bad connection on a phone for a few minutes, and we paid through the NOSE for it! Trans-Pacific phone calls were not cheap.

Now...with Skype and MagicJack, we actually get to have regular video sessions with the fam.

There are drawbacks to technology, and we try not to let it take over our lives (that's why I'm blogging about it right now).

But, in a lot of ways, internet has made being a missionary a lot easier on our family---because we can really have daily communication with our loved ones back in the US.  

And for that, we are truly thankful.

(Oh, and my 4-year olds already have their first Transformer they won't be embarrassed like their father. Thanks Uncle Kevin for helping with the orientation process. Bumblebee and Optimus Prime are being well cared for.)

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