Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 16: Dates with the Kids

So, we just finished (and passed) our language evaluations....but we SO do not have time for a we have to go full bore on making sure the Visayan program is ready for new students in January.

But...we have made time for some dates. No, not mommy and daddy dates. Those, apparently, will happen in another decade or so.
Dates with the kids. This morning, I took both boys, and then both girls on dates.

We read books, looked at magazines, ate cookies, and looked at pretty plants and flowers.
We also LOVE one-on-one dates with the kids, but when time is short, taking them two at a time also works, and we all loved it!
Thank you God for dates with our kiddos! And, please, let us keep doing this until we allow them to date other people. (which should only be 25 or so years from now)

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