Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 11: Caffeine

As we pretend to stand here and look out at this sea of imaginary faces at our imaginary graduation ceremony for our invisible diplomas for reaching our SO NOT IMAGINARY required language levels in Visayan, we would like to say thank you.

Thank you to God, our parents, our supporters, our kids, our friends, our language helpers, and last but not least, Caffeine.

As we have strived to reach level in two languages in the last three years, you, Caffeine, have been our nearly constant companion. You took many different forms. Coffee (definitely the most common), sometimes coke, sometimes tea, sometimes chocolate, sometimes a Caffeine IV drip...
When we finally realized that getting up at 5:15 AM every day was not a stage our children were going was their norm....Caffeine, you were there.

When we once again were having a hard time understanding English, much less our third langauge....Caffeine, you were there.

As we tried to listen to more language recordings while simultaneously changing one diaper, comforting two unhappy children, and yelling at the other one who was trying to learn how to fly, Caffeine, as far as we can remember, you were there.

It has been a long and winding road, and sometimes the tunnels seemed long and dark, but the French Roast was even darker. And as we came out the other side into the sunny world of passing language grades bleary-eyed but unbroken....Caffeine, you were there...And the darkness is not forgotten....but the java will be remembered.

Caffeine...we admit...we used you.

But, Caffeine....We thank you.

On a side note...
We're going to lower our intake now...very slowly so we don't go through serious withdrawl symptoms....Don't feel hurt if we end up in a caffeine rehab's not you, it's us.  But know this, Caffeine...we will never forget you. You have been a huge part of this. You complete me(well, us)!

Thank God for caffeine!  Can we hear an AMEN!

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Shilo said...

Ha ha, great post, guys! Love you!