Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 10: We Passed!!

Here we are earlier today...waiting for the results of our Evals... 
Check out those bags under our eyes!!!
 It has been a super LONG week/month/year!!!

Today after 3 years of straight language study (in two different languages)...WE PASSED OUR VISAYAN LANGUAGE EVAL!!

Does that mean we are done studying? Of course not! Language study is never "finished" but because we made our required levels, we can now focus on getting ready for the new missionaries that we will be helping.

We will continue to study part-time, so that, Lord-willing, our ability in the Visayan language can continue to grow.

Probably the best part of the day: When we told Asia we "passed our test" she gave us big hugs and said: "Good job mommy and daddy!" YES! Our 5-year old was proud of us. :)



Helen Johanson said...

So are we!!!

The Røsviks said...

Congratulations!!! Asia has good reason to be proud of her mommy and daddy! :-)

Shilo said...

So happy for you guys! Your hard work has paid off!