Friday, October 12, 2012


Meet Wendel. 

He's the reason we haven't been blogging.

Wendel is our language helper.

We actually met Wendel shortly after we arrived in the Philippines. He was teaching and language helping with our missionaries in Manila. In Tagalog. We worked with him closely the whole time we lived in Manila.

Now he has moved down to Mindanao to help us and the other new missionaries learn Visayan.

Yes. That means that he is fluent in Tagalog, Visayan, and English. And, he can coherently explain to bewildered missionaries what is going on in the wonderful world of Tagalog and Visayan grammar.

Why yes, since you ask....we are extremely jealous of his language skills. :)

Maybe you've noticed that our blogging has dropped off precipitously in the last few months. This drop in blogging activity coincided exactly with the arrival of Wendel to our town. Basically, he turns our brains to mush on a daily basis.

This would be because....well...Wendel gets to our house at 8 AM. We start studying with him in between teaching home school, running after several high-energy children, making sure food gets on the table, and taking furtive sips of coffee while absorbing new vocabulary and preparing first grader Bible lessons in Visayan.

Then, when Wendel is not doing language helping with us, he is working through the old Visayan grammar lessons and updated language acquisition material. Along with studying Visayan, we are working together to make a language program for new missionaries that has a good combination of time practicing language and learning culture in the community, time learning new words and grammar concepts, and  lots of time listening...and some time talking.

And this lasts pretty much all day long, all week long. Frankly, by the end of each day, our creative juices have been pretty much sucked out of our brain.

We are EXTREMELY blessed to have Wendel--- he already understands how to explain things to foreigners, has a great understanding of the grammar in the languages here, and has a lot of patience.

And, because he is a Christian brother, he is a great help in Bible lesson preparation, co-teaching, and he is also able to explain a lot of cultural things that we as Westerners have a hard time figuring out.

Thanks Wendel! Don't go anywhere, we have work to do!


Dennis and Valerie said...

Wendel is our hero.

mamatabea said...

What you guys do every day, blows my mind...God bless you!