Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bowling in Visayan

Sometimes, ministry feels a lot like baseball. You strike out a lot.

But, sometimes, ministry feels like bowling...and you get strikes.

And, lately, ministry has felt like bowling, because, well, I've been bowling.

Wendel, our language helper, goes bowling regularly with his pastor, Michael. So, lately I've been joining the duckpin bowling crew.
It's a great chance to multitask. I get to practice my language, work on relationships with my language helper, get to know pastor Michael and whoever else comes to play, and oh yes, work on my duckpin bowling skills.

Well, at least the language practice and hanging out with friends was good.
My duckpin bowling skills leave a bit to be desired, as I was reminded earlier this evening. I didn't win a single game, and I had more gutter balls than I have room to write about in this blogpost.
But, I had a great time with Pastor Michael and Wendel, and hey, it's about the fellowship, not about who wins, right?

And, I will keep on saying that.

Until I start winning.

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