Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunshine & Swimming

Our Visayan language helper/teacher/friend went away to his brother's, we took a couple of days off...and of the days was, we went swimming!
We had to catch 2 types of public transportation to get the swimming pool...which was an adventure...due to the 4 kiddos and all of our swimming gear...  but it was worth it!!
Going to the pool is about as relaxing as it gets with 4 kiddos.  :)  The kids love it soo much...and play soo hard...all we have to do is watch them! 
They had soooo much fun!
Skye is honking the statue's nose. :)
Love watching them play together!!
All ready to jump in at the same time!
Jollibee delivered to the pool.  :) 
But apparently, it was too cold for ice cream.  :) 
The boys could literally swim ALL day long!
She liked to swim in the big pool!
Silly little girl!

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