Tuesday, August 14, 2012

July Rewind - Manila Guest House

So, when we have to go to Manila, the best thing about the guest house is the Playground! (according to our children at least.)

After riding all over the city to deal with paperwork, doctor/dentist appointments, big-city shopping for things not available where we live, etc. etc.....the kids are stoked to have a good playground to fight together (I mean play together) in. 
The best part for us? Between the city travel and playing really hard, they wear themselves out so much they often sleep in later then they do at home. 
First, we're in rock climbing training. Slater demonstrates proper stance and smile.
And, attitude training. Skye demonstrates the: "Brother took the water bottle 'way from me and I not impressed!" look.
Then, after a little parental persuasion, they demonstrate the sibling love and concern pose.  And I think I won't drink out of that water bottle any more.
Asia, practicing the "Swan Lake Rock Climbing Ballet."
Skye, showing that she may not be 2 years old(in this picture), but she WILL succeed without help and daddy please stop spotting me it's embarrassing.
And, Skye girl again, showing that determination and stubborness can conquer many a mountain, even if you only weigh 19 pounds. You go girl!

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