Monday, August 27, 2012

July Rewind - Holly & Sarah (Part 2)

I could not have possibly relegated their trip to one, they got 2.
Our mission had a regional conference while the girls were here...and I put them to work for that also.  hahaha
Playdough, of course, was a huge hit.
As was the tunnel...
We accidentally dressed alike...apparently, we all like green.  :)
Holly's childhood friend Charisse also came for a quick visit.  Char is the awesome lady who helped us get our house...and Wendel's house too!
On a short little walk to the tree park...
at the Kaamulan grounds/tree park.
At the bus station...waiting to go to a larger city.
This is around 6 AM...aren't they sooo cute.  :)
In the big city...we enjoyed some Starbucks.
And yummy pizza!
This one makes me dearest sister...eating her breakfast sandwhich with a fork and knife.  She is sooo cultured.  I ate mine with my hands.  :)
We enjoyed pedicures and even got to watch a movie at the theatre.
Here we are saying goodbye and accidently matching yet again.  :) 

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