Tuesday, August 14, 2012

July Rewind - Birthday/Anniversary Celebration

In July, we celebrate our anniversary and my(Brooke's) birthday.

So, while we were in Manila thanks to the generosity of my brother we were able to go to Chili's for an early celebration...as there really isn't any place in our town to go.
Here we are with some uncooperative boys...but the food was awesome and the service was great!

Btw...we did spend the AM at the doctors office getting the kiddos their check ups....so, that could have something to do with their behavior...but then, again...maybe not.  :)
Chili's happens to be at our favorite mall...  They also have these Kalabaw(water buffalo) scupltures...which the kids thoroughly enjoyed. 

There was even a baby one for Skye.
Anyway...it was wonderful to have some yummy American food...that I didn't have to cook!!!

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