Thursday, August 16, 2012

Date Night

Yes, we have four kids. Yes, we still are romantic, but at this particular chapter of our personal romance non-novel, (a VERY, very non-fiction book), the hot dates are a bit few and far between.

As in, the last time we were out on a 'date' with no children and actually had someone who was watching our kids...that would be...I know it's happened I just honestly can't remember when...
(Brooke just reminded me, it was in June 2011)

But, the courtship continues.

What turns our thoughts towards love?
Well, we haven't found a restaurant here that will do the trick, so we've got our Foreign Food Stash.

Feast your eyes on that, my friend.
Ok, the coke and crackers are available in our town. (as is the especially romantic paper plate and single glass. Anyone who has been married over a year knows that you can share a cup and a paper plate and there's hardly any dishes to wash at the end.)

But, the sausage, cheese, and feta-stuffed olives are most definitely straight from a package from home or an import shop a long ways from where we live. And that, plus a movie, plus the kids sleeping, is about as good as it gets.

And eating 3 feta-stuffed olives while sitting next to my bride of 9 years, and finishing off with cheese and sausage...well, it was a better than good paragraph in the latest chapter of the non-novel that is our romance.

The saga continues.

Yes, we know our dates are lame.

But we're still madly in love.


WorkingMomof7 said...

Jeff and I understand. We are now at the place where we can leave our oldest in charge. But we had many years of dates like this. :) One of ours when they were older was: This is the date couch - no one is allowed on it with Mom and Dad, and you may join us if you don't talk during the movie. We didn't do this for every movie, just an occasional one. Happy dating! ;)

Amy H. said...

HaHaHa. Totally understand. Trying not to be jealous of people who get the grandparents to watch the kids for the WEEKEND. A whole WEEKEND! Oh and trying not to be jealous of your feta stuffed olives, they look delicious!